Thank You Goodreads Readers!

Most recently to Sue Williams, the latest Goodreads reader to rate our dark little love story, "KRISSY'S NOTEBOOK" a solid 4-Stars. We really appreciate your taking the time to read us and are glad you liked our little story. And to the wider Goodreads Community: thank you as well for the response to our Goodreads... Continue Reading →

We’ve Got (Fake) Blood on Our Hands…

"Self-Publishing", as many of you know, also means a lot of "self- almost everything else". Which in our case includes doing our own visuals. For better or worse, we try never to use any stock images on our site, or our books.   Besides, photography is fun, and it's nice to do something creative with... Continue Reading →

Don’t let us borrow your car…

(Because well, you might not get it back in the same condition.) Actually, this was just us, screwing around with an idea for one of our upcoming novels, "Gardenia Six". The first chapter of that book takes place very early in the morning, during a snowstorm, with the main character waiting for some shadowy figures... Continue Reading →

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