Shot we used for WordPress and some other places.
Aw Business Card Front 2
Shot this one in William’s garage. Used on the site and is the main image in our business cards.
File Feb 16, 10 00 33 AM
No stock images here; we roll our own! (‘Cause sometimes it’s fun to be creative with something other than words.) Some of the supplies…
File Feb 07, 7 03 18 PM
Mock-up of an image we did for the proposed future novel “Gardenia Six”. Pictures part of the opening chapter.
2017-12-07 11.34.43-2
A sort of “I Spy” image we did for backgrounds on the site and other places.
That same desk, not overflowing with crap. Desk, btw is a restored Art Metal tanker desk. Great, great working desks…
File Nov 30, 1 54 58 PM
Some of the notes you see in some of the site’s backgrounds. And yes, they are real  notes. Find their usage in “Krissy” and the upcoming “Last Italian Tune-up”.
Shot inside the “Krissy” paperback. Still damned proud of this book…
Krissyhand 4 for AW
Source image for the one used on the back of “Krissy”. Hand actually belongs to an unnamed friend of Ann’s.
Model Chevelle used to test ideas for the cover of “The Last Italian Tune-up”, and for the short-lived serial-short covers. Looks pretty real. Dremel tool, X-acto blade, pastel crayon and sugar. See below.


Image for AW Site With No Title
Early test of the source image for “Krissy”. Is “Krissy” in this shot played by Ann? Not telling…
Blue File Oct 16, 7 21 27 PM
Old placeholder image from just before the early Ann-William site went live.


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