Part Confession, Part Love Letter. Part Suicide Note…

"Krissy's Notebook" is Ann-William's dark tale of teenage love gone horribly wrong, and a marriage that's about to go much, much worse. GET YOUR COPY NOW KRISSY'S NOTEBOOK Somehow disenchanted with his happily married life, small-town high school teacher Curtis Weaver has been thinking a lot lately about his own high school days. And although he... Continue Reading →

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One day, Jane’s family went out for a ride. But then the world changed… And they never came home.

  "The Last Italian Tune-Up": Ann-William's darkly suspenseful serial thriller. Part One: : "See Jane..." Available Now on Amazon. Part Two: "Day One" Available Now on Amazon. Part Three: "See Jack Run" Available Now on Amazon. -with additional episodes releasing approx. every three weeks. It's a bright, early-May morning, and Jane Matheson is getting ready... Continue Reading →

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Going on a Field Trip Tomorrow…

Bit of a short notice, but... Ann-William is going to be at the 2018 Milford PA Art Walk tomorrow, 2/24/18. CLICK HERE FOR INFO We'll be at the Nomads Land Gallery (CLICK HERE TO CHECK NOMADS OUT ON FACEBOOK) from approx. 2-3, and then we'll be wandering around the wider event until Ann says its... Continue Reading →


This pair of "colonists" salutes you! And although one of us might look a little happier about it than the other, we were both quite glad to see that someone across the pond has decided to take a chance on our novel, "KRISSY'S NOTEBOOK". So now we say: Thank You! And we hope you enjoy... CHEERS!... Continue Reading →

Who is Ann-William?

Ann-William is a pseudonymous name for the literary team of Leigh "Ann" Bell and Joseph "William" Jacovelli. A team who, when they can stand each other enough to work together, make up the single entity that is Ann-William.  They hail from the Western Poconos region of Pennsylvania, in the United States, although they also spend... Continue Reading →


HE WENT LOOKING FOR “THE GIRL HE USED TO KNOW”. AND TOO BAD FOR HIM- HE FOUND HER… "Creepy, dark and vaguely disturbing. Gets your attention right away and keeps you wondering where it is leading up to."   Unable to resist the siren-song memories of their shared, dark (but thankfully buried) past, Krissy’s husband,... Continue Reading →


I don't know when you put these up, although I can probably guess. You probably did it after we'd gone to bed, some time after the roughly sixty-seconds it had taken me to fall asleep. Although hopefully not after I'd started snoring- I hate to think it happened that way; you writing me these lovely... Continue Reading →

Don’t let us borrow your car…

(Because well, you might not get it back in the same condition.) Actually, this was just us, screwing around with an idea for one of our upcoming novels, "Gardenia Six". The first chapter of that book takes place very early in the morning, during a snowstorm, with the main character waiting for some shadowy figures... Continue Reading →


And if this is Ann-William's desk, well... You might recognize this image from our FB page. Slices if it also form the randomized header bars of our main site. And we've posted it before, but the new site lets us better show it in full. Kind of a fun, "I Spy" sort of image, A-W... Continue Reading →

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