That night, Krissy met me at the door.

And as promised, she wore a bright-red velvet cape over a red and white, lace-up bustier; the kind the German girls wear, complete with the stockings, the boots- everything. She even had a picnic basket over her arm.

All told, it was quite the getup, and it promised quite the night.

The bustier, I noticed though, had a rip in the seam where the red part met the white, and it looked a little dirty. So did the cape. I also noticed that, spattered across the white part of the bustier, just above her breasts, there were small flecks of what looked like blood…

“KRISSY’S NOTEBOOK”, the dark new thriller by Ann William.

Available now in Paperback and Kindle at Signed paperbacks available at the Nomad’s Land Gallery in Milford, Pennsylvania.

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We’ve been busily readying the cover of our novel, “Krissy’s Notebook” for wider paperback printing and an upcoming Goodreads giveaway. As such, we’ve amassed a small quantity of “author-proof” copies. These are basically just copies that prove how the cover design will look in print. And since we had to adjust a few aspects of the cover, we now have the extras you see above, plus one more (total of 4).

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There are Days, Sometimes, When A Writer Just Has to Decide…

-do I go hang out with my friends? Or do I stay home and clean the house?

Do I maybe run out to New York State, and see how that woman-friend of mine, the one who’s so lonely, and almost lost it all, is getting along? Because dammit, she’s so close to the end…

Or do I clean the toilets?

Do I go try to help her husband save his kids- and himself, from disaster? From dying somewhere out on the Turnpike?

Or do I do the laundry?

Do I maybe go visit my other old friends out in the Poconos; that weird, psycho girl and her bent, broken, boyfriend-turned-maybe-not-so-bent, broken husband? Even though things aren’t so good between them now? See if maybe there’s a way they can work something out- without any more murders?

Or do I vacuum the floors?

Or maybe, just maybe, I should go out to Colorado, and go for a ride with that young- “couple”, I guess you might call them. In their black Trans-Am. Go on a picnic with them, maybe. Even though the girl, if you can really just call her a “girl”, Jesus, she scares me. I’m even pretty sure she’d like to kill me (and you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you- And, well, all of you). While the boy- my God, if the girl talked to him in just the right way, ran those sharp nails of hers down his cheek and purred the right words softly in his ear, would happily help her, any way he could?

Or do I empty the dishwasher? Or fix the oil leak on the car? Or straighten the garage? Take out the garbage? Run that movie back to the library. Finally go get my Love those flowers I’ve been meaning to get for her. Check on how my cohort’s doctor visit went? Call the orthodontist about the little one’s next appointment?

Do any of the things on the damned big list I have today?

Or do I go hang out with my friends? There are days when a writer just has to decide…

And today, I’m sorry, but I just can’t come out to play. I really, really, really want to, but…

So this is just a note to say, “Hello”. And that I’ll see you all again soon.


_ _ _-William


We recently made some changes to the cover design of “KRISSY”, and now we’re excited to see that they seem to have paid off. 

It amazes us every time we see someone actually take not just an interest in our work, but take a chance on it by actually paying for it.

Krissy All New Kindle Cover 2And it also humbles us. We realize that your time spent reading- even reading what we believe is pretty good fiction, is valuable time nonetheless. So to those readers, we say again-

Thank You!

But can we also ask a favor?

If we’ve managed to get you to give us a try, would you please be sure to let us know what you think? Good or bad- we’d like to know. It is so difficult, being a small team, writing and publishing work all on your own, with only the feedback of a few trusted beta-readers, one of us with a Masters in a field wholly unrelated to writing about teenage murder, and the editting, no, editing (sorry) savvy of a guy who got his English BA over a decade-and-a-half ago.

So, drop us a line here at, REVIEW US ON AMAZON (especially Amazon), or on GOODREADS– Hell, write nasty things about us on bathroom walls (but if you do that, remember to send us a picture at least) (and make sure you write our web address: that’s ANN (HYPHEN) (remember the hyphen; we’re decidedly not “Ann WilliamS“) somewhere; web traffic is traffic:-), comment on our Facebook…

We’ll take what we can get:-)

And in case you haven’t yet:




Aw Business Card Front 2


Somehow disenchanted with his happily married life, small-town high school teacher Curtis Weaver has been thinking a lot lately about his own high school days.

And although he remembers most of his time in “The Class of ’00” as an abuse-filled nightmare, he’s even come to yearn for some of them.

But while some of us might long for old flames or now-faded varsity glories, Curtis wishes for something else, something he’s tried very hard to forget:

The waning days of 1999, when his then-girlfriend Krissy Lund, a frighteningly beautiful “new girl in school” with her own unpleasant past, did some very bad things for him. All in a twisted ploy to win his heart.

For Krissy however, those days are very much over, because she too is now happily married… to Curtis. And so for her, the need to do bad things is now a thing of the past.

Or is it? Curt has always suspected that “KRISSY’S NOTEBOOK”, a story idea notebook that she’s been writing in for almost seven years, may actually be her “finger in the dam”; the one thing that’s been keeping his wife’s darker half in check.

But the contents of “KRISSY’S NOTEBOOK” are a closely-guarded secret, and Curt has already been warned… So for seven years he’s tried to convince himself that some things are best left alone.

Until… Unable to resist the siren song of their shared dark past, Curt finally sneaks a peek, hoping for signs of the Krissy he used to know.

Who he finds, however, is someone much worse than he’d bargained for.





We’re not done yet, but we’ve been shooting a lot of pics lately to (hopefully) use in ads aimed at the summer reading season. This one, and the copy above, is one of our tentative ideas to advertise our thriller novel “KRISSY’S NOTEBOOK”.Krissy FB Ad w Cover

We’ve also been shopping for costumes and other weird stuff like Werewolf hair and red velvet cloaks. We’ve got some fun ideas for a “Take Ann-William to the Beach with You” image, with both of us on the beach… Lots of others.

But for now, we thought we’d share this one, just for kicks, and to see if anyone has any thoughts on it.

If you do, by all means, please let us know!

Or if you want to take a look at “KRISSY…”, by all means, do that too by CLICKING HERE.

Yours and Yours,

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Another Excerpt from our Forthcoming Short, “Villains and Birdsong”.

Been so damned busy lately, and unfortunately, not always with things that involve the written word, or that Ann can help with very much, like finicky old BMW fuel injection systems, and even with other things that Ann can help with, like photos for an upcoming ad campaign:

Krissy Blog Post Beach Pic
Take “Krissy” to the beach with you. Please? We promise she’ll be good…

As well as some other images for “Krissy” and for the site. We even went costume shopping for some Werewolf hair and a Red Riding Hood dress at a costume shop owned by the famous (at least in the Fantasy-Art world) Frazetta family.

But work has still gone forward on “Villains and Birdsong”. Mostly just because the story’s a good one. The main character especially is intriguing, with her “powers” and the way she’s chosen to use them. And while the story is still very much a rough draft, we thought we’d share another piece.

So here you go. Enjoy!


…She looked down and saw that her nails had drawn blood. Even though she’d tried so hard to be gentle.

Gary’s eyes went to her hand, then back up to her face. “Yeah, see?”

“Or Highway 1, outside Big Sur- you said you wanted to run that one. We could try a nice Ferrari. Or we could do White Rim Road, out in Utah, we could find a white Dodge Challenger- a nice, fast one, and no one else would-”

“Oh come on, Caly. Don’t you hear what you’re saying? No one else? I know what you want, but do you know, really, in your heart, what actually getting it will mean? Because it means- Ow! Jesus!”

Her nails had suddenly, somehow dug deeper into him. Enough so that she knew just by looking that he would have scars.

Unless, of course, she chose to fix him. Which she also knew right away that she would. She wouldn’t be able to bear the sight of what she’d done. She loved his sweet smi-

There it was again. At first she’d doubted it, but now she decided that it had to be true; she did love him. In her own way. And now she regretted what she’d done to him all the more, would certainly have to fix him.

But not just yet. First, he needed to understand.

“Sweetheart…” she smiled down at him. A small rivulet of blood had begun to run down the side of his neck. “Please get this through your head? I DON’T FUCKING CARE! Whatever you might think of this world, and all the people in it, its days are fucking numbered.”

A faint rumble of thunder sounded, and the breeze picked up for a moment. The birdsong and the chirping paused; nature’s equivalent to the shocked silence that comes after one throws a glass of wine on another in a fancy restaurant. That moment when Michelle Pfeiffer finally threw her glass at Al Pacino in “Scarface”. Only now Caly was the supposed “Bad Guy”.

She looked up and around at the sudden silence, a dark scowl on her face- “What!?

The birdsong and chirping—the meadow’s version of polite restaurant conversation—resumed after one last moment of awkward quiet…


More to come soon!

Yours, and Yours,

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A Brief, Very Early Excerpt From Our Forthcoming Short, “Villains and Birdsongs”

Normally wouldn’t post something like this so early, but this one gives a good feeling. The title was inspired by a post from fellow WordPresser, “LittleFears“. More once it’s done.

The meadow stretched almost endless, and absolutely abuzz with life.

Birds sang in the trees. Crickets chirped in the tall grass, which itself swished and sighed. All beneath a mellow sun and a dazzling, cloudless sky.

SNAP! Flutter…

The picnic blanket, made of a heavy, black and white checkered cloth, spread itself wide upon the late-summer breeze. She held the blanket tight, lest the breeze suddenly become a wind and try to pull it from her thin fingers. She would just have to watch her nails. They’d gotten too long again, and if she were forced to pull too hard, she would most certainly-

And sure enough, the wind did pick up. Which made the blanket go taut in her hands. She felt her nails dig into the fabric, felt their tips straining against it.

She cast a wicked grin up at the sky. “So help me, if you make me tear this, even one little hole… I will rip YOU a new-”

The wind became a breeze again, and the picnic blanket resumed its gentle flutter…

That’s it Baby, Walk All Over Me…

At Ann-William Fiction Writers, not only do we love to write, but we also love to do our own visuals. Who better to support your work than- well, YOU, right?

So anyway, this is another favorite pic from the ones we took the other day. This one truly did hurt; it was taken before I realized I needed to sort of “guide” Ann in. Keep the spike from drilling my pretty face. After that, she didn’t hurt me (as much).

And we’ll be taking new promotional images for our novel “KRISSY’S NOTEBOOK” next week as well (because the spring/summer reading season doth fast approacheth).

We have an idea for “the wolf costume” and for Krissy’s blood-spattered Red Riding Hood outfit too. An idea for a pair of “Take Ann-William to the Beach with You” ads… Some good stuff, we hope.

So please, stay tuned!

Yours, and Yours,


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