“And on that table, was a gun…” An Excerpt from “Krissy’s Notebook”.

-and I had to admit, her story would have sounded perfectly plausible.

Plausible enough to make Baker and Mitchell re-holster their guns before she’d even finished telling it, I’m sure.

Because-Krissy All New Book Cover 7 900 x 600 f. Website

Remember what I’d said, Detective? About Krissy walking down that rocky, thorny path to the river that day?

Krissy never slips…

And because, like I’d said to myself on the night after Mosley- just after I’d laughed, at the idea I’ve never once laughed at since:

She’d thought of everything.

But none of that well-thought-out insurance had been needed. Because once again, I told myself, I’d given the right answer. As horrible as it was, it had been the right one for her. I took one last look at the gun, then I looked up-

And saw her watching me again.

Because of course, I had to remind myself, she is still  thinking of everything.



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