5-Stars and a Great Review for “Krissy’s Notebook”. Plus a Little Update.

Thanks to Mac and Steph, the Goodreads readers who recently gave “Krissy’s Notebook” 5-Star ratings!

We really appreciate it! And Steph- thanks for the great review; you are the kind of reader we like to reach. You “got” Krissy, and so we’re glad you liked our little story about her and her dear Curtis all the more.

By the way:  Ann-William hasn’t said much lately, but we have been busy working, on both a revised draft of our story “Villains and Birdsongs” and on a new draft of our next novel, “The Last Italian Tune-Up”. We are also on the hunt for models to portray Krissy and Curtis in some new artwork we’d like to do, and we have some ideas for a few new Ann-William images as well (who’s up for a picnic in a creepy old cemetery?).

So please stay tuned. And as usual, we’d love to hear from you! So drop us a line sometime!

Yours, And Yours,


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