Our most recent review is… pretty crappy? A lesson in taking criticism.

We still don’t entirely get why, but it is; a 1-star on Goodreads by a reviewer who’d won a free copy through a giveaway.

We’d been pulling 4s and a couple of 5s and gotten some good comments on the story, but this newest reviewer seemed to take issue with our usage of “I” vs. “me” in the narration style and apparently didn’t find the story all that intriguing, relative to their own personal experiences. Although damn- we have fire, murder and a rather psychopathic high school girl. My colleague and I must have gone to the wrong high schools:-)

But hey, we still have those 4s and 5s, and hopefully we’ll see more of them. One bad review does not make for a bad book, and we definitely don’t think that “Krissy…” is a bad book. Some time ago we said we wanted feedback, good or bad, and now we’ve gotten both.

This does serve as a reminder though, that if you want to write, and want others to read what you’ve written, you need to be ready for that occasional person (hopefully they are only occasional, or maybe you really do have problems…) who’s not going like what you’ve written, perhaps in ways you don’t understand or even agree with. And when that 1-star lands with a thud on your reviews list, you need to suck it up and drive on. Write a post about it if you want, but don’t bitch like a baby about it. Try to make some sense of what the reviewer says, use whatever you can to improve, and then move on.

Perhaps by reminding potential readers that your book, your dark love story that has fire, murder and a rather psychotic high school girl is available now on Amazon.com, starting at just $2.99, or for FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited. And that you’d still love to get more reviews- good or bad. Because not only do you want people to read and hopefully enjoy what you’ve written, but because you want to grow. And because that feedback, good or bad, will make you a better writer.

Yours and Yours,

Ann William



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  1. Goodreads. Phah. What a load of bollocks. Some perspective that made me feel better. On that website, Of Mice and Men has 3.8 stars. Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy has 4.12. I get it. But that’s still a deeply flawed rating system. In addition, the review you got (just read it) is the most piss poor review you can get. It’s not critism. It’s bollocks. Someone who can’t even write a basic review bashing I vs me. When buying books, I always ignore those reviews. I imagine most people interested in reading books, watching films or browsing the net do.

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