Goodreads asks: “What’s the Best Thing About Being a Writer? And Our Answer Is…?

Well, here is our answer, which we’ve turned into a shameless (but hopefully at least mildly entertaining) plug, written mostly for the benefit of our THREE (oh yeah- 3!) Goodreads followers (you guys rock, by the way, and we’ll try to be worthy).

(the following is a re-print of our answer on Goodreads)

“The best thing”, we think, about being writers, and especially when you write what we like to write, is all the fascinating people you get to hang out with.

I mean: we have this one friend, Kristina, who’s quite possibly a psychopath, and although we’re not sure yet, we think she may have murdered a bunch of people: a couple of her husband’s old high school bullies, a few of his family and even a few totally unrelated people (who nevertheless, to hear her tell it, “probably deserved it”).

And her husband- yeah, we’re not sure what to think about him. Nice guy, interesting, but… there’s just something about him. Something… unsettling. Like he’s not always telling you the truth. Even about his own wife.

We also know this other teenaged girl, “Calypso”, who’s practically a demi-god; can’t be killed, is pretty much immortal, has these scary “powers”- and you should see her nails- if you can even call them that… I mean, damn. Problem is, she hates the entire world, and wants to remake it into what she thinks it should be, even if she has to kill all of us in the process. Which, with her powers, she might actually be able to do, and sooner than you might think.

Our friend who’s the vigilante daughter of a rogue, Vietnam era assassin, our other friend who throws these tremendous, practically Roman orgy-esque parties in her gigantic beachouse (well, used to, until those smiling things showed up). That other woman who lives all alone in a dead world, but who still goes out looking for her husband every day (although not necessarily for the reasons you might think). Not to mention all those other people who keep banging on our door, begging in various seductive, strange or downright scary voices to be let in, so that they can introduce themselves. Or maybe “show us something”.

Of course, as a writer you can’t always pick your friends; oftentimes they pick you, but still, the ones you do end up with are absolutely “the best thing” about being a writer.

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