We’ve Got (Fake) Blood on Our Hands…

“Self-Publishing”, as many of you know, also means a lot of “self- almost everything else”. Which in our case includes doing our own visuals. For better or worse, we try never to use any stock images on our site, or our books.

Krissy T Shirt Image 3
Yup, totally ours…


Besides, photography is fun, and it’s nice to do something creative with your hands, even if that something is a kind of creepy diorama.


“Krissy’s Notebook”, Available in Kindle or Paperback (Stage Blood Not Included)

Which in this case, is a visual we hope to use in support of our novel, “Krissy’s Notebook”. We call the image “Take Krissy to the beach with you, pleeease? We promise she’ll be good…” Of course, with the dual intonation that while the story will (hopefully) be good, our character Krissy, most certainly will not (since she’s a suspected psychopath).

Sand- check. Great book- check. Gen-u-ine Italian pigsticker- check. Fake blood- check. Seashells purloined from Ann’s daughter- check

So be sure to look for it in future Instagram, Facebook or Goodreads ads. God willing, it will even inspire a few people to buy our dark little love story. For now however, one of our favorites is shown below.

***By the way, if anyone wants to read/review the paperback we used for the image below, send us an email. We’ll mail it out to you @ N/C. Just be forewarned: it does have a little fake blood on it:-)

“Take Krissy to the beach with you- pleeease? We promise she’ll be good…”

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