A New Short Story: “BAM! YOU ARE NOW DEAD!”

We’ve just posted a new short story, “BAM! YOU ARE NOW DEAD!” to our “Free Reads” section. You can read it by CLICKING HERE.

“BAM!..” was written by “William” in 2015, before there was even an “Ann William”. Then, starting in 2016, after Leigh Ann finished reading the first draft and subsequently threw it at William in disgust because of the way it ended, the story began a slow evolution into what is now the prologue for a larger story that we’d like to someday tell, a dark, alt-history thriller called “Gardenia Six”.

For now, however, we think the current story (we’ve chosen to call it “BAM! YOU ARE NOW DEAD!”) stands very well on its own. And so we hope you’ll give it a read. Feel free to comment too; we’d love to hear back about it. Just please don’t throw it at us in disgust over the ending. Remember: it’s just a prologue…


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