You know you wanted it, and Ann William is gonna give it to you…

Yes, that’s right-

“Screaming Krissy”

Now, perhaps we’re narcissistic, or maybe we’re just a little too impressed with ourselves, but we really do like a lot of the artwork and images we’ve done over the last year or so.  And we’ve also gotten more than a few compliments from others who’ve seen it too.


So, we’ve set up shop at, and made a few of our favorite images into all sorts of fun wearables like t-shirts, tank-tops and the like. There’s a nicely vectored version of the A-W “Dueling Personalities” image, the smashed-window Chevelle, a vectored version of Krissy in the Doorway, and even a previously unreleased image we call “Screaming Krissy”, which is a relative to the cover pic on our novel, “Krissy’s Notebook”. Readers of “Krissy…” will recognize both images as depicting one particularly fateful Halloween night…

“The Chevelle”

Like one? Well then give us a look. You can go directly to our Threadless Shop by clicking RIGHT HERE. You’ll find the images shown here, as well as several, others.

And if you have any ideas for an image you’d like to see, drop us a line here at, and we’ll see what we can do.


“Are you ready for me, Curtis?”

Yours, and Yours,

Ann William

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