That night, Krissy met me at the door.

And as promised, she wore a bright-red velvet cape over a red and white, lace-up bustier; the kind the German girls wear, complete with the stockings, the boots- everything. She even had a picnic basket over her arm.

All told, it was quite the getup, and it promised quite the night.

The bustier, I noticed though, had a rip in the seam where the red part met the white, and it looked a little dirty. So did the cape. I also noticed that, spattered across the white part of the bustier, just above her breasts, there were small flecks of what looked like blood…

“KRISSY’S NOTEBOOK”, the dark new thriller by Ann William.

Available now in Paperback and Kindle at Amazon.com. Signed paperbacks available at the Nomad’s Land Gallery in Milford, Pennsylvania.

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