FREE “Krissy’s Notebook” Author-Proofs Giveaway!

Anyone want a FREE copy of “Krissy’s Notebook“?

We’ve been busily readying the cover of our novel, “Krissy’s Notebook” for wider paperback printing and an upcoming Goodreads giveaway. As such, we’ve amassed a small quantity of “author-proof” copies. These are basically just copies that prove how the cover design will look in print. And since we had to adjust a few aspects of the cover, we now have the extras you see above, plus one more (total of 4).

Their content is the same, finalized version; only the covers vary slightly. And since weKrissy All New Kindle Cover 2 RESIZED 1 no longer have need of them, we thought we’d give them away. ***But with one caveat: if you take one, would you please review it when you’re done? As some of you know, reviews are the life-blood of any aspiring writer. And we wanna be frikkin’ vampires, baby!

So if you’re interested, drop us a line via the “CONTACT ANN WILLIAM” button on And we’ll drop one in the mail for you*.

*Open to anyone in the Continental USA. First come, first served, including that quirky red version.cropped-aw-business-card-front-2.jpg

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