There are Days, Sometimes, When A Writer Just Has to Decide…

-do I go hang out with my friends? Or do I stay home and clean the house?

Do I maybe run out to New York State, and see how that woman-friend of mine, the one who’s so lonely, and almost lost it all, is getting along? Because dammit, she’s so close to the end…

Or do I clean the toilets?

Do I go try to help her husband save his kids- and himself, from disaster? From dying somewhere out on the Turnpike?

Or do I do the laundry?

Do I maybe go visit my other old friends out in the Poconos; that weird, psycho girl and her bent, broken, boyfriend-turned-maybe-not-so-bent, broken husband? Even though things aren’t so good between them now? See if maybe there’s a way they can work something out- without any more murders?

Or do I vacuum the floors?

Or maybe, just maybe, I should go out to Colorado, and go for a ride with that young- “couple”, I guess you might call them. In their black Trans-Am. Go on a picnic with them, maybe. Even though the girl, if you can really just call her a “girl”, Jesus, she scares me. I’m even pretty sure she’d like to kill me (and you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you- And, well, all of you). While the boy- my God, if the girl talked to him in just the right way, ran those sharp nails of hers down his cheek and purred the right words softly in his ear, would happily help her, any way he could?

Or do I empty the dishwasher? Or fix the oil leak on the car? Or straighten the garage? Take out the garbage? Run that movie back to the library. Finally go get my Love those flowers I’ve been meaning to get for her. Check on how my cohort’s doctor visit went? Call the orthodontist about the little one’s next appointment?

Do any of the things on the damned big list I have today?

Or do I go hang out with my friends? There are days when a writer just has to decide…

And today, I’m sorry, but I just can’t come out to play. I really, really, really want to, but…

So this is just a note to say, “Hello”. And that I’ll see you all again soon.


_ _ _-William

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