That’s it Baby, Walk All Over Me…

At Ann-William Fiction Writers, not only do we love to write, but we also love to do our own visuals. Who better to support your work than- well, YOU, right?

So anyway, this is another favorite pic from the ones we took the other day. This one truly did hurt; it was taken before I realized I needed to sort of “guide” Ann in. Keep the spike from drilling my pretty face. After that, she didn’t hurt me (as much).

And we’ll be taking new promotional images for our novel “KRISSY’S NOTEBOOK” next week as well (because the spring/summer reading season doth fast approacheth).

We have an idea for “the wolf costume” and for Krissy’s blood-spattered Red Riding Hood outfit too. An idea for a pair of “Take Ann-William to the Beach with You” ads… Some good stuff, we hope.

So please, stay tuned!

Yours, and Yours,


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