A Brief, Very Early Excerpt From Our Forthcoming Short, “Villains and Birdsongs”

Normally wouldn’t post something like this so early, but this one gives a good feeling. The title was inspired by a post from fellow WordPresser, “LittleFears“. More once it’s done.

The meadow stretched almost endless, and absolutely abuzz with life.

Birds sang in the trees. Crickets chirped in the tall grass, which itself swished and sighed. All beneath a mellow sun and a dazzling, cloudless sky.

SNAP! Flutter…

The picnic blanket, made of a heavy, black and white checkered cloth, spread itself wide upon the late-summer breeze. She held the blanket tight, lest the breeze suddenly become a wind and try to pull it from her thin fingers. She would just have to watch her nails. They’d gotten too long again, and if she were forced to pull too hard, she would most certainly-

And sure enough, the wind did pick up. Which made the blanket go taut in her hands. She felt her nails dig into the fabric, felt their tips straining against it.

She cast a wicked grin up at the sky. “So help me, if you make me tear this, even one little hole… I will rip YOU a new-”

The wind became a breeze again, and the picnic blanket resumed its gentle flutter…

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      1. Hi Peter. 2nd rough draft of this is done. Story is all there, just mechanical issues now. Ended up being just over 7K words. Will pass along once Ann and a couple other Betas read it. We haven’t been on WP much lately and have missed a lot of your posts, but did get your Roadwalker T- looks nice! Cheers-

      2. Funny, I keep checking in on your blog and was gettin a lil worried something had happened to you guys. You went from proliic to silent. Was gonna drop you an email checking you were alright.

        Glad you like the shirt! Looking forward to story.

      3. No, we’re fine. But we were blowing too much time on social, and not enough writing. Plus we are planning site tweaks, new ads for “Krissy”, tweaked the cover for that book, new photos of us for our bio; just a lot going on. And all is still such a constant learning experience. Thanks though!

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