Headed to the Local Library…

The spring/summer holiday reading season is almost upon us. And so, therefore, is the time for self-promotion. Actually, the time for self-promotion, when you’re self-published, is pretty much always… but now seems like a good time for this particular kind.

Many local libraries, such as the one near us, will take books and other media in donation for sale to the public. The proceeds of which can then be used to benefit the library.

It also makes for a potentially good way to get your book into the hands of local readers. Where, if your book doesn’t suck (which we think our own book, “KRISSY’S NOTEBOOK” certainly does not), it may garner a fan or a follower.  Or most importantly, a good review. Especially since we all tend to want to support the home team. Hopefully, right?

So it’s off to some local libraries we go (well, “I” go (William): Ann is otherwise occupied this morning), with fingers crossed…

Wish me luck!

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