…I’d quickly found, that for Krissy, being in love was all business.

It was a sort of contractual agreement, much like the one we’d come to that day by the levees, and it had no profitable use for things like sappy notes or longing stares.

Instead it had only three very basic requirements (*):

1)-That I would continue to need her.

2)-That she would continue to be what I needed, and…

3)-That I would never, EVER question the way in which that need was met.

Not a bad arrangement, right? I thought so. I soon felt silly for ever having wondered if I’d be able to live with it. And soon after that, I began to wonder how I’d ever lived so long without it.

Only later would I come to realize that our love-agreement also had some nasty fine print: like a non-disclosure clause.

*And some potentially violent penalties for breach of contract.


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