Who is Ann-William?

Ann-William is a pseudonymous name for the literary team of Leigh “Ann” Bell and Joseph “William” Jacovelli. A team who, when they can stand each other enough to work together, make up the single entity that is Ann-William. cropped-2017-12-07-11-34-43-24.jpg

They hail from the Western Poconos region of Pennsylvania, in the United States, although they also spend time in the nearby historic town of Milford, PA. “William” has his BA in English, Writing Track from East Stroudsburg University. “Ann” holds several degrees in the fields of Psychology (R&A) and Education, also through East Stroudsburg.


Ann-William’s work is typically of a dark but hopeful nature. They like the idea of tragically or even violently flawed characters trying to save otherwise doomed relationships. Even when those characters know, deep in their hearts, that the world might perhaps be better off without them.cropped-2017-12-07-11-34-43-23.jpg

Their 1st thriller novel, “Krissy’s Notebook”, was released in late 2017. “Krissy” was a long, tumultuous time coming. Early drafts were often worked on in 2015-16 by William, early in the morning, in the dark, in the passenger seat of a car hurtling back and forth between his home in Pennsylvania and a stressful, soul-draining corporate job in New Jersey.
The final draft was begun in early 2017, after William had finally resigned his corp. job in order to write full-time. Shortly after that, he and Leigh Ann discovered each other, and the truly productive phase of “Krissy” began. Finishing touches were put on in December of 2017, and the book was then finally put into print.
In many ways, the final draft of “Krissy” is very much a reflection of what has essentially become the “final draft” of Ann-William. Meaning, both feature a relationship that is not always “amiable”, but which still somehow satisfies a need that neither can deny.
The novelist Stephen King once said, in his fine book, “On Writing”,  that “Writing fiction, especially a long work of fiction, can be a difficult, lonely job; it’s like crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a bathtub.” And it’s true. Therefore, at least for William, who does the majority of the actual, words-to-screen work, simply having Ann nearby has proven to be an essential ingredient in everything he’s since been able to do.
Not that Ann is just a pretty face on standby. Nor is she always helpful. Because while she does indeed handle “muse” and research/writing/editing/proofreading duties, and handle them well, Ann is also sometimes an admittedly unstable person with a somewhat “multi-faceted”, shall we say, personality. And when those traits are put up against William’s impatience, obsessiveness and inability to simply walk away from some things, the results can sometimes be spectacular. Although at least they haven’t managed to kill each other yet.

And provided they don’t manage to kill each other any time soon, they plan to release their second dark thriller, “The Last Italian Tune-Up” (See details HERE) by late 2018/early 2019. That novel is evolving from a proposed series of serial shorts whose story they finally decided would be better served in novel form. And a third work “Gardenia Six”, is proposed for 2019-2020 (again provided that no one goes up on murder or lesser charges).

In the meantime, you can follow them either here at Ann-William.com, or on Facebook and Instagram @ awfictionwriters.

“Krissy’s Notebook” can be found either HERE on Amazon or HERE on Goodreads. You can also usually pick up a paperback copy of “Krissy” at the Nomads Land Gallery (milfordnomads) in historic Milford, PA.

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