Not long after we finally got back last Friday (See our prior post, “A 2-Gun Salute to Mrs. Hudson2), the power went out. And it stayed out until yesterday, Tuesday afternoon. No electricity, no phones, no (gasp) internet… a gigantic pine tree came down in (more like all over) William’s back yard. Ann was (of course) pissed off (to which I’ll say it again girlfriend- Puerto Rico…), but we both tried to make the best of it. And we had a generator, so that helped a lot too. We just sort of made like the Ingalls, but with a 4K-watt Honda to help Pa keep the little house warm and the icebox cold. Although you’ll understand why we weren’t very active for those few days.

But now we’re back, warm and toasty (albeit in the midst of yet another storm) with all our electric gadgets once again humming happily along (for now, at least), and our houses pulsing once more with electromagnetic blood.

And we have a lot going on:

Work resuming on the novelized version of our thriller “The Last Italian Tune-Up”

Work on a teaser of our planned subsequent thriller “Gardenia Six

The release of 4 FREE reads from “…Tune-Up”

We’re shooting a new Ann-William visual next week (Ann, darling, be sure to paint your toenails, and remember we’ll need the red pumps again;-)

Aaand we’re heading back to Milford, PA this weekend to recon an open-mic event at The Frisky Goat Coffeehouse (where next month Ann and I might be doing a visually interesting “reading” of our semi-flash story “Party Balloons” (as long as the Goat allows knives))

We hope to introduce you to our nasty (but still under-construction) little ’66 Mustang “Joelene”, or maybe we’ll name her “Jo-Ann”…

Yes, a lot going on.

So please, stay tuned.

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