What Could We Possibly Have Planned for All of This…? Well-

All I can say is: we need a new banner image.

Something that better represents the “personality” of Ann-William. Something to show how, although we often work together (the way we’re actually both sitting here, right now, typing this together, (sort of like we’re texting, but in the same room)), we don’t always see eye-to-eye.

(Mostly because Ann’s a little… off sometimes. Well, more than a little, really; she’s a pretty fu7kuy –Ow! Stop that, please se  drftgyh ftg78——– – .,..n.l


I told you not to say shit like that. Don’t do it anymore. Understand? I told you- I don’t need this crap. I have a real job, unlike you… So- You want me to leave, and I will.


Yes. Sorry. What the Hell though? Seriously? Anyway… we need a new banner. Oh, and business cards too… Ann says we need business cartgy u *&  [85


Yeah, KICK-ASS business cards. Hang on- I have to pee- BRB.


Yeah, business cards… and (while she’s away) maybe some name tags:-)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZJrGuC92U8


Now you’re being a smart-ass. And a dick. And I’m leaving. Good luck…


Don’t worry. She’ll come back. So anyway. Next week we’ll be using this stuff to hopefully create something cool. For a banner image- and, I guess, business cards.

And now- she just hit my mailbox… (sigh)File Feb 16, 11 03 19 AM

Yours, (and in absentia- Yours),


AW FB Cover Image 2

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