Don’t let us borrow your car…

(Because well, you might not get it back in the same condition.)

Actually, this was just us, screwing around with an idea for one of our upcoming novels, “Gardenia Six”. The first chapter of that book takes place very early in the morning, during a snowstorm, with the main character waiting for some shadowy figures in a deserted canoe park. And as you might guess, things don’t go very well for her.

Shooting the pictures was a royal b*tch, with the precipitation, the mess of fake glass and fake blood in the snow. Then, once we’d finished, we realized that the BMW’s battery had given out after having the lights on for too long. And so, although the precip hadn’t stopped, we discovered that the power windows had.

Screwing around in the ice and snow, cold and wet, then dragging a jumper cable through it to revive the Bimmer’s battery… bleah.

But sometimes you have to suffer for your art. And hopefully, with a little Photoshop-ing, one of the pics will come out. As it is with so many things here, we’ll just have to see.

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