“Creepy, dark, and vaguely disturbing…” But it’s music to our ears.

We asked for it, and we got it: “Krissy’s Notebook” has just gotten its first review on Amazon! Thanks to C. Alvesteffer for saying that Krissy’s Notebook was “Creepy, dark, and vaguely disturbing. Gets your attention right away and keeps you wondering where it is leading up to.

You, sir or madam, have made our day. We are going to drink a toast to you tonight, even. Seriously, thanks.

And thanks to everyone else who has taken a chance on our “Creepy, dark…” little novel. We hope you’ve enjoyed or are enjoying it. And if you’re inclined to do as our first reviewer has done, please also let us know what you think about it. Either on Amazon, or don’t forget- you can email us: will@ann-william.com, or post on our Facebook @awfictionwriters. We’d love to hear from you.

Oh, and we’d also really love to hear your thoughts on our little question at the story’s end; would anyone like to hear Krissy’s side of it?

Yours and Yours,


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