Part Confession, Part Love Letter. Part Suicide Note…

“Krissy’s Notebook” is Ann-William’s dark tale of teenage love gone horribly wrong, and a marriage that’s about to go much, much worse.


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Somehow disenchanted with his happily married life, small-town high school teacher Curtis Weaver has been thinking a lot lately about his own high school days.

And although he still remembers most of his time in the class of ’00 as an abuse-filled nightmare, he’s even come to yearn for some of them.

But while the rest of us might long for old flames or now-faded varsity glories, Curtis wishes for something else. Something he’s tried very hard to forget. The waning days of 1999, when his then-girlfriend Krissy Lund, a frighteningly beautiful “new-girl-in-school” with her own unpleasant past, did some very bad things for him. All in a twisted ploy to win his heart.

For Krissy however, those days are very much over. Because she too is now happily married… to Curtis. She has what she wanted, and so for her, the need to do bad things is now a thing of the past.

File Jan 31, 2 34 46 PMOr is it? Curt has always suspected that Krissy’s supposed hobby, a story idea notebook that she’s been writing in for almost seven years, may actually be her “finger in the dam”. The one thing that’s been keeping his wife’s darker half in check.

But the notebook’s contents are a closely guarded secret and Curt has already been warned. So for seven years he’s tried very hard to convince himself that some things are best left alone.


Unable to resist the dark siren song of the past, Curtis finally sneaks a peek, hoping for signs of the Krissy he used to know.

Who he finds, however, is someone much worse than he’d bargained for.

And she’s going to be very unhappy with him when she finds out what he’s done- what he now knows. Enough so, that she might just decide to put an end to it all.

Unless he can find some way: to say that he’s sorry, and that it’s okay, and that he still loves her just the way she is. The way he did all those years ago on that final, fateful night, when 1999 (among other things) finally breathed its last.

But how?

Part confession, part love letter and part suicide note: “Krissy’s Notebook” is Curt’s last, desperate attempt to save the love he now knows he can’t live without.

Available now in both Ebook and Paperback.

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