“Krissy’s…” Readers: We’re Dying to Hear From You!

We have been so absolutely pleased-pleased-pleased to see that copies of “KRISSY’S NOTEBOOK” have actually been selling in appreciable numbers!

Krissy All New Book Cover 7 900 x 600 f. Website

It amazes us every time we see someone actually take not just an interest in our work, but also take a chance on it by actually paying for it.

And it also humbles us. We realize that your time spent reading- even reading what we believe is pretty good fiction, is valuable time nonetheless. So to those readers, we say-

Thank You!

But can we also ask a favor?

If we’ve managed to get you to give us a try, would you please be sure to let us know what you think? Good or bad- we’d like to know. It is so difficult, being a small team, writing and publishing work all on your own, with only the feedback of a few trusted beta-readers, one of us with a Masters in a field wholly unrelated to writing about teenage murder, and the editting, no, editing (sorry) savvy of a guy who got his English BA over a decade-and-a-half ago.

So, drop us a line here at Ann-William.com, review us on Amazon (especially Amazon)- Hell, write nasty things about us on bathroom walls (but if you do that, remember to send us a picture at least) (and make sure you write our web address: that’s ANN (HYPHEN) (remember the hyphen; we’re decidedly not “Ann WilliamS“) WILLIAM.com somewhere; web traffic is traffic:-), comment on our Facebook…

We’ll take what we can get:-)

And in case you haven’t yet:





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2 thoughts on ““Krissy’s…” Readers: We’re Dying to Hear From You!

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  1. Finished Krissy’s notebook the other night and I loved it. The authors note was the absolute best and really got me thinking. What a fantastic marketing tool and a great way to get us to come back. I want another book from Krissy’s point of view.
    The story itself kept me intrigued the entire time. It was also memorable enough for me to put the book down for several days and then pick it up again without missing a beat. As you know life with kids can get in the way of reading, spending time on hobbies, taking a shower, eating…………..
    Great Job. I really enjoyed it. Good luck on the rest!

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